Are your accomplishments your company’s best-kept secret?

If so, this lack of professional visibility may be what’s holding you back in your career…

Many women are precariously walking this cultural “tightrope.” One that gives them little forgiveness for assertive self-promotion.

Research continues to show that women are unlikely to advocate for themselves… Simply because they’re afraid of coming across as arrogant and therefore, unlikeable.

As a result, women are rarely taking full credit for their accomplishments. This can leave women with a lack of strategic visibility.

Which prevents them from gaining sponsorship for promotions, raises, and recognition.

And this is holding women back in their careers!

So, << Test First Name >>…

Want to build your visibility?

I’m going to show you how to acceptably “toot your own horn.” That way you can get the recognition you deserve without the concern of appearing unlikable, inauthentic, or awkward.

All it takes is learning a few new strategies.

The first strategy – Track your assignments, projects, and the results for your own record.

The second strategy – Get in the practice of sharing your results with key influencers, like your direct manager. This takes some political savvy.

Now, there IS a trick to doing this without seeming like you’re starving for praise (which is what others don’t like), try this…

Be succinct in what your role was, where you were strongest, and share what you learned. Demonstrate how that experience helped you develop new skills or strengths. And of course, clearly state what objective was met and the impact it created for the company, clients, and bottom line.

Third – Create a network of genuine sponsors and a respected mentor… people who will advocate for you, even when you’re not in the room.

Build relationships in the organization with stakeholders in multi-functional lines of business.

These types of relationships will help build your visibility. They are the key to being seen as the right person for the next project, a promotion, or a raise.

After using these strategies, you still have to take a major step…

You NEED to get comfortable with owning your accomplishments, your role in meeting business objectives, and how to tell your story.

Now, these are only a few ways to address the lack of visibility and start being seen for your accomplishments… But there is a slight catch to it…

You’ve got to build the muscle of telling your story.

But, that’s where I can help. See, I’ve navigated just about every problem you can imagine… In fact, that’s how I built my success.

Want me to show you how you can quickly achieve YOUR success?

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