Let’s work together to identify and achieve your vision of professional and personal transformation

I’m here to…

  • Work with you to reframe challenges and explore possibilities for personal and career growth that match your goals.
  • Identify strategic opportunities to further your self-image, confidence, and career success.
  • Understand your truth, explore what is possible, and level up your contribution and influence.
  • Embark on a course of focused and purposeful action to help you achieve your goals with accountability.

Hi, I’m Stacy

  • Leadership and career coach helping motivated women professionals create career breakthroughs leading to promotions, raises, and recognition.
  • Seasoned executive with an established high-performance track record in financial services, risk management, product distribution, global business line integration, and more.
  • Team leader focused on strategies to enhance employee engagement, talent planning, and diversity, equity & inclusion across the multi-disciplined lines of business
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC) through Co-Active Training Institute (formerly The Coaches Training Institute).
  • Live music devotee, aficionado of the theatrical arts, and gardening enthusiast pursuing Master Gardener certification.
“Stacy has a unique ability to provide you with strategic consultative coaching that will meet your objectives. She has years of professional front-line management experience that provides insight into real-world dynamics. In addition to her strategic approach, she is also able to understand and truly care for the positive attainment of your goals.”
Susan E.

I work with individuals who are ready to get more out of their careers

I’m ready to work with those who are willing to broaden their thinking patterns and are prepared to do the necessary — and often difficult — work to embrace change and level up their performance.   

I came to coaching after a highly successful 32-year career in executive management at a Fortune 40 financial service company. Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC) certification through Co-Active Training Institute (formerly The Coaches Training Institute) – an internationally respected organization – and over three decades in leadership provide a solid foundation that has added depth to my education and experience in both business and management. 

Leadership roles have included running a PnL, and nonprofit board participation. These roles engendered strong interpersonal and team-building skills and deep knowledge of management and employee development.

The very attributes that make you an outstanding performer may not result in getting you to your desired career goals

Your voice, personality, talents, knowledge, experiences, and skills all combine to make you the person you are – and an asset many organizations should be proud to embrace as part of their team. However, being a great performer and strong subject matter expert doesn’t guarantee promotions, raises, or recognition.

I understand the crushing disappointment of watching others land that coveted position or receive acknowledgement for their work while you feel as though you’ve faded into the background. 

Once upon a time, I wrestled with self-doubt, wondering how to get from Point A to Point B. The journey was not without the challenges many women face as they rise to greater authority and responsibility levels. As a woman of short stature who struggled with my weight, I rationalized that my appearance was something for others to get past. In contrast, that challenge enhanced my resilience, softened my heart, and forced me to embrace change. In learning how to shift gears and show up, I also learned what I don’t need to tolerate within the workplace.

When I’m not helping clients identify and overcome the self-perceived challenges holding them back from achieving all they want to be, you can find me connecting with nature in my garden while I pursue Master Gardener certification, vibing to live music, or wrapped up in the excitement of the theatrical arts.

My Approach

We work together to:

  • Gain clarity about who you are and who you want to be.
  • Identify your unique abilities and skills.
  • Create a customized action plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Develop a strategy to be held accountable to those goals.
  • Identify a long-term implementation to put the strategy in place and carry it through to completion.

When you’re ready to drive crystal-clear alignment of your career path with your goals and accelerate your progress…

I’m here as your “secret weapon” to honor your self-determined purpose in boldly pursuing – and achieving – your goals of career advancement.