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When you’re ready to take control of your career direction and level-up by:

When you’re ready to drive crystal-clear alignment of your career path with your goals and accelerate your progress

I’m here to help you get that done – with focus, intention, and understanding.

Service Summary

The most significant return on your investment is often found in a long-term coaching engagement, typically three or six months in duration. A long-term investment gives you time to make changes, evaluate their effectiveness, and fine-tune them as necessary. When you’re ready to get results, I’m here to help you through the process.

Two components from my long-term coaching packages are offered as standalone, short-term engagements: the Enneagram Personality Diagnostic and the Career Breakthrough Strategy Session. These components may be the right answer for you when you:

When you engage with me on one or both of the standalone services and later commit to a long-term coaching program, I will apply your investment in these elements to the total coaching package cost.

Service Details

Enneagram Personality Diagnostic

We’ll use the Enneagram model as a springboard to identify your personality type, understand your behaviors, increase your abilities, and protect yourself from issues. Knowing your personality type will help you clarify how you work optimally, what happens when you are under stress, and allow you to make better choices based on the findings.

Use the Enneagram Assessment to…

How does it work?

What is my investment?

Career Breakthrough Strategy Session

Let’s articulate and understand the results you can expect and devise a plan to leverage your unique talents and abilities at work to create promotions, career transitions, and encore chapters in your life.

Use a Career Breakthrough Strategy Session to…

How does it work?

What is my investment?

Career Accelerator Long-Term Coaching

While having a strategy is an excellent start, putting that strategy into action can significantly benefit from partnering with an experienced coach. Benefits of working with a coach include:

I offer three- and six-month coaching engagements based on the client’s needs and goals. Let’s chat to see what’s right for you and determine whether specific additional elements may help achieve your objectives.