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“Stacy has a unique ability to provide you with strategic consultative coaching that will meet your objectives. She has years of professional front line management experience that provides insight to the real-world dynamics. In addition to her strategic approach, she is also able to understand and truly care for a positive attainment of your goals.”

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Hi. I’m Stacy,

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I SEE, is that being a great performer, a strong subject matter expert doesn’t get you the promotions, raises or even recognition you deserve.  The very things that make you great at your job, may not result in getting you where you want to go in your career. You may feel disappointed or crushed watching others get the job or acknowledged for their work while you feel like wallpaper.

Your voice, personality, talents, knowledge, experiences, and skills all combine to make you the person you are.  And an asset to your company.

I’ve struggled with self-doubt, wondered how to get from A to B, and faced challenges along the way. Also, I’m only 5’1” and have struggled with my weight for the better part of my life.

I felt that my appearance was something for others to get past, but it has also enhanced my resilience, softened my heart, and forced me to embrace change.  I’ve also learned how to shift and how to show up.  And I’ve learned what I don’t need to put up within the workplace.

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Stacy Fisher is a longtime business leader and coach known to me through 15 years of collaboration in a corporate setting. Her candor and effectiveness are legend. Stacy's willingness to invest in developing talent was many times demonstrated. Several job and officer title promotions happened on Stacy's watch as a senior leader and active mentor in our division. A few of Stacy's many triumphs as a coach and leader are presented in my career development book. Her insights are on point and truly succeed in building capacity and confidence in those she coaches.

Lori Crever, diversity and inclusion educator author Protégé Power: A Roadmap to Mentorship

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