I’m exhausted, in a good way! Let me explain. This past week was the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show. This year I was accepted into the Tennessee Master Gardeners of Davidson County certification program. That makes me an intern until I have passed all the course work and field projects requirements. I was able to volunteer to help with the smart garden exhibit designed by the Master Gardener lead. Volunteering helps me to earn the project hours needed to achieve my goal of becoming certified.

Gardening is great exercise and instills a great sense of accomplishment to see the fruits of your labor. More importantly, getting involved and giving back to the community, takes the attention away from my own stress of career, life, etc.

Where do you step outside your career or regular routine to be a part of your community?
What causes and organizations do you care about seeing be successful?

It’s a great way to connect with others that are like minded, doing something that you care about for a greater good. Volunteering takes the focus off of you and recharges your soul’s battery. It is so satisfying and worth your time for the benefits that it brings you and your community.

What do you love doing?
What causes give you joy?

Maybe you’re already coaching your daughter’s soccer team or organizing food drives. I helped one of my clients remember how much she loved to knit. She joined a local cause that knits caps/hats to donate to women going through chemo. She rediscovered her love of the hobby, contributing to a worthy cause and gave herself time to set everything else aside for a block of time to give her brain a break. What you give of yourself comes back to you tenfold in the way it feeds you.

Career Tips: Get out of the office and outside yourself. Find a place where you want to contribute your talents. You’ll be better at everything else you want to accomplish.

If you need to brainstorm about what community project might provide high satisfaction for you, I invite you to schedule a free career acceleration call. Let’s get you performing at your highest level.