Whenever you make a change or try something new, it’s challenging.

You’re stepping outside of your comfort zone. You don’t have confidence. And most times, you make it harder on yourself (we all do it, so don’t feel bad).

It doesn’t matter what it is… a new task, a difficult conversation, a new skill set…

When you first start trying, you’re like a baby taking its first steps. You’re uncertain and awkward!

But you should NEVER let that stop you or hold you back because it does get easier.

See, the consistent practice of any behavior or action builds a skill. The more you practice, the more confident and comfortable you become in your abilities, skills, and knowledge base.

This is just part of learning something new or stepping outside of your comfort zone.

In sports, you often hear the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”

But I think I like this one better, “Practice builds competence!”

There are 4 levels of competence we all go through when we’re learning…

Unconscious incompetence – When you don’t know that this skill or ability exists and don’t know anything about performing it.

Conscious incompetence – When you know the skill exists, you just don’t know how to do it well.

Conscious competence – When you know the skill and are learning it, but it requires focus to perform.

Unconscious competence – When you know how to perform a skill and can do it without a lot of concentration.

This is the last step before mastery! At this point, folks start to notice your mastery in subject matter expertise and soft leadership skills.

The only difference between each of these levels? Consistent Intentional Practice!

See, intentionality combined with consistency and practice builds mastery. That is the most critical part of building and enhancing your leadership brand!

On the flip side of this, practicing negative habits steals from you… it robs you of every step you’ve taken towards becoming a master.

The trick is to remain mindful of the habits we practice. To put attention on our intentions and pull through the unhealthy ebb and flow.

So, let me ask you something…

What are you practicing right now? Is it serving you? Is it pushing you forward towards your goals?

Or… is what you’re practicing holding you back from your goals?

It’s sometimes hard to honestly assess our practices and decide if this “serves me or hurts me.”

The easiest way to figure it out is with the help of someone outside of your situation. And I’d like to be that person for you.

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