Leadership Coaching

Coaching the whole person: Holistic approach, leadership soft skills, manifesting the life you intend, “a life well edited” exiting toxic people, does your environment feed you

Enneagrams to build self awareness, emotional intelligence and muscle and mastery in consistently choosing to show up as your healthiest and highest self.

Presenting yourself: Embracing authenticity, speech and diction, wardrobe styling

Career transitions “getting where you want to go from wherever you are”: Identifying your super powers, creating and following a plan for career aspirations and strategic transitions (interview/applications/resumes) *mention audience


Speaking Engagements

Stacy is an experienced speaker on topics in the realm of self improvement, thought leadership and effective communication.

Drawing on a her extensive successes and experiences in financial services as well as performing arts, Stacy brings a refreshing approach to leadership, which focuses on innovative thinking grounded in right action - both of which are required to achieve success in our ever-evolving world.

In these tumultuous times, leadership practices based on existing thought structures and the status quo are no longer sustainable.

At Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Stacy’s participation on the Women’s Leadership Board sponsored by the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, a global body of distinguished leaders who serve as an innovative force in the advancement of women and girls, is an example of her commitment to be actively engaged in positive change.

In a thought-provoking and fun session, Stacy asks participants to bring forth new thought leadership paradigms and innovative solutions to the challenges of leadership, including:

  • Leading with character and integrity

  • How personal limitations affect leadership

  • Creating conditions of success for yourself and others

  • Execution with impeccability and accountability

  • Developing diversity and encouraging collaboration from differing perspectives

  • The power of listening

  • Being advocates for social transformation.



Women’s Leadership

Stacy is an active member of the Women’s Leadership Board through Harvard University, and a founding and active advisory council member for the Illinois Women’s Connection.

Local civic projects

Bringing her practice of civility and proactive communication to her neighborhood, Stacy participates in the larger community via local government and town hall meetings.